How Should I Be Drinking Tequila?

The rise of tequila bars around the country over the years has opened our eyes to the vast selection of styles of tequilas on the market; there are roughly 1,000 kinds available.But when it comes time to drink the stuff, too many of us revert back to old bad habits from less sophisticated days. It’s a shame, because the best tequilas are as complex and ripe for savoring as fine Scotches or wines. In other words, with tequila, it’s time for you to slow down and smell the (agave) flowers.

“Not many people are aware how complex and unique tequila is because of the fact that it’s associated with kids and parties and that sort of thing,” says Jose Cuervo brand ambassador Rene Valdez. It’s time, then, to start drinking tequila like an adult. Here’s what you need to know.Put the shot glasses down. Not only is shooting tequila (or anything, for that matter) boorish, but even drinking tequila slowly from a shot glass also cheapens the experience. “It’s a glass that doesn’t allow you to experience the full complexity,” Valdez says. You’ll just end up compressing the aromas. If you’re serious about tequila, consider picking up a set of long-stemmed Riedel tequila glasses. Cuervo’s master distillers were consulted in their design, Valdez says. Failing that, a white wine glass, as opposed to a snifter, is the best choice.

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